An inner-city school like no other

Goals: To create safe space, pride, development and self-sufficiency to one of the most suppressed and endangered areas and societies in the world.

  • Charter School (Grades Pre-K through 12) *
  • Adult Education
  • Multisport Academy

CFS’s (Critical Factors for Success): 

Besides REGULAR school load: Ethics; Integrity; Education; Reading; Writing; Communication; Work Opportunities; Entrepreneurship (Internship and Young Learners programs)

Business / Home Economic (Incubators & Internship and Young Learners programs); Innovation and Creativity (Incubators); Sports (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, High Performance) (tennis, soccer, basketball)

Inner City Reach and Support: Anti-Drug Programs (drugfreeworld.org); Human Rights Programs (humanrights.com); Volunteering Programs; Effective Criminal Reform and Rehabilitation Programs; Moral Codes (The Way to Happiness); Educators Programs.

Admin Scale                                                   March, 2017


To pilot in North Greenwood, Clearwater’s inner-city, the resurgence of a race and a model for societies for race-integration around the world.

To create local pride by raising the competency and abilities of members in the community and offering opportunities for those skills to be developed to their utmost limits (projects to be implemented ONLY in inner-cities)


1) A game of passion, applied intelligence, ethics and technology, waking up the innate ability to become a model and an ideal for societies and integration around the world.
2) To do what works and gets results!
3) Staff and associated and newly created volunteer organizations will be rewarded upon statistics and results.


To create a school/university in the inner city that would utilize all the amazing and exciting local resources towards optimum survival, education and growth, eradicating the barriers to such.

Inner City Resources: School (to be purchased, refitted and upgraded, with 4 new clay courts built), adjacent MLK Center with 250+ auditorium, existing public facilities including 3 tennis courts (to be refurbished), 3 basketball courts, local baseball, soccer and swimming facilities, library and community center.


Phase 1: Fundraising, Legal Rudiments, Organization, Establishment, Refurbish Initial Facility, Recruitment, Housing, Start of Operation, Scholarships. (Funding cost $35K)

Phase 2: Purchase of School, Construction, Upgrades, Refitting and Sport facilities. Legal Rudiments, Organization, Establishment, Recruiting Faculty, Training Faculty, Start of Operation, Scholarships. (Funding cost $ 5M)

Phase 3: State of the Art Lab with Computerized Technology, alternative energy sources, high efficiency electric generators, magnetic induction lighting, ozone repletion research, inventions, licensing and development. Establishment of small manufacturing industries within Inner-City.
(Funding cost $5M)

Phase 4: Future Inner-City Programs Expansion to Continental USA and Worldwide based on the above model and adjusted to the local necessities, cultures and ethnology. (Funding cost $10M per locality)


Start the initial phase in the 3 local tennis courts at MLK Center.


Go to Indian Wells and meet with possible backer for the initial stages (Phase 1) of the project.

Ideal Scene

A vibrant North Greenwood inner-city with residents growing from poverty and government dependence into self-sustaining and middle class workers and entrepreneurs, to individual and group ideal examples.


Production by each of the Organizing Board 7 Divisions, 21 Departments and Individual Posts. ***

Valuable Final Products

A city becoming an ideal model for the world. Associated programs on each state of the USA and in many countries in the world.

* Serves grades Pre-K through 12th, starting at age 2

  • Open all year and enrolling year-round
  • Located in North Greenwood, Clearwater, Florida
  • 15 minutes from world-famous Clearwater Beach
  • 30 minutes from Tampa International Airport
  • Competitive sports teams, starting in 4th grade
  • Intramural sports program for 1st – 3rd grades
  • National and state standards used in P.E. curriculum
  • Study Technology** applied throughout the classrooms and curriculum
  • Curriculum in use for over 25 years
  • Reading program that is now used in other schools world-wide
  • Curriculum emphasis on building a very strong foundation of the basics, especially early in the student’s education
  • Tailor-made programs for each student which nurture independent learning
  • Unique educational approach of Goals Oriented Education; aligning the individual student’s goals to their education
  • Advanced placement classes available for high school students
  • High school honors classes in English, history, sociology and more
  • Highly trained teachers who know how to handle students
  • Trained Ethics Officer to guide students through any difficulties

** Study Technology is a learning system that produces a greatly improved result when used exactly (by “Technology” is meant methods of application to obtain specific result). 

*** MTU Organization Board (click to enlarge)