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Chris Angel and David Blaine make studying cards look easy. It almost sounds like they can read right through the cards or have some sort of power that’s beyond human skills. It’s an illusion. They aren’t using any skills what-so-ever. In actuality, they’re using a tool that anybody can use or master in a few minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see every card and every lawsuit in a deck of cards? Perhaps you have heard of luminous ink? Luminous ink is a form of invisible ink which may be implemented on the back of a deck of cards and basically is completely”invisible” to the naked eye. Even somebody with sharp vision won’t be able to detect these markers.

But with simple lenses that the markings pop out at you and only you. The lens is a reddish-purple colour which lets you see the markings which are normally invisible to the naked eye. The two chief ways people read the markings are luminous ink eyeglasses and luminous ink contact lenses. This report will explain the luminous ink contact lenses. There are 3 variables you must know for the contact lenses; eye color, eye care, and contact lens care.

Luminous ink contact lenses are a unique lens with a purple filter built into the clear lens. The lens itself, is the exact same size as an ordinary contact lens. Bear in mind the whole contact lens is 13 millimeters. The folks with lighter colored eyes (blue,New York NY Wildlife Control and green) will want to decide on the four millimeter filter size contact lenses while somebody with darker eyes can get away with wearing 9 mm and 7 mm filter size since the filter will blend in with the darker eyes.

When it comes to eye care, you must use caution! Keep in mind that contact lenses should not be in the eye for at least eight hours. Only put these lenses in your eyes when you perform card tricks. These should not be worn all of the time especially since the filter changes the colour of your eyesight to a dark purple. If the contact feels scratchy take out the contact and apply with alternative so that your eye isn’t”bugging” you. These contact lens readers are unique, but your vision is most important!

Care to your contacts. When you initiate placing the contacts in your eyes you must use contact solution and rub lightly around the contact before putting in your eye. This helps to keep the build up of protein deposits from the last time you wore the contacts. When you take out the contacts, you should store the contacts in a case at room temperature and store in solution. This will ensure a long use life for your contacts.

Keep in mind that the three factors of wearing contact options for magic card tricks, you must know which size filter fits your eye color, you need to look after your eyes, and you need to care for the contact lenses.

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