Red Hat Society

The Woman In Red, Lady In Red

If you see women in the over 50’s bracket, wearing red hats and purple dresses, get out of their way. Red Hat Society Ladies are on the move, and they are having fun. Now the ladies of the Red Hat Society amount over 1.5 million globally. There are over 41 000 chapters, such as groups in Canada, Japan, Mexico, Egypt and Australia, as well as an internet chapter.

Seize the Day

Wearing red hats and purple dresses is symbolic of this grab the day, devil may care approach to life. For Red Hat Society Ladies who are feeling especially frivolous, a feather boa, glitzy jewellery and purple gloves add an extra dash of glamor and fun. They call themselves a disorganisation, and don’t have any rules except the red hat and purple attire worn to all parties like a badge of honor.

Red Hat Society Origins

Founder, Sue Ellen Cooper was motivated by Jenny Joseph’s poem Warning. The essence of the poem is about embracing fun and life, rather than being held back by age and society’s expectations.

The poem begins off –

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple

With a red hat which doesn’t go, and does not suit

Red Hat Society Ladies have learned the art of prioritising what’s really important in life. And they are going for it. I don’t mean doing the laundry or using the greatest starched sheets on the block. The Red Hat Society Ladies are intent on having serious fun.

In actuality, it’s all about fun and friendship. The fun begins with the naming of the chapters and members. The leaders of each chapter are Red Hat Royalty, with Sue Ellen Cooper as the Exalted Queen Mother.

Girls Only Wanna Have Fun

Bev Fussell, Queen of the Australian Dinky Di Divas told ABC Television that”girls just want to have fun… We’ve gone garage-saling in convoy, and that’s an absolute hoot.” San Francisco’s Strutting Peacocks chapter holds an annual tea party at the San Francisco Zoo. In regards to parade time, it seems that Red Hat Ladies just can’t resist a red sports car or a red London style double decker bus.

Ladies with Hattitude

Even bikies aren’t protected from being descended upon en masse, and being asked to pose with the Red Hat Ladies. The Red Hat Rockettes in Rockingham, Western Australia, and their irrepressible leader, Queen Beadazzled, have the photographs to prove it. The Red Hat Society Ladies are women with a zest for life and tons of”hattitude”. Long live the Red Hat Society.

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