Should You Talk To Strangers?

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Consciously or unconsciously nobody would really like to know that they do have enemies. Is it in any way healthy to consciously avoid certain men and women? I believe that anything that doesn’t give you peace is not good for you.

And who then is really a stranger? It is written in the Holy Bible,”don’t be forgetful to entertain strangers, for in so doing you might be entertaining angels unaware.” Will you then continue to avoid people you do not know?

The men and women who are your friends today, were they always your friends, or did you need to construct a relationship? And how did this start? Or is it because you found the surroundings to be safe? Or you thought that the environment was not threatening? Those people might be your acquaintances and friends because either you reached out to them, or they achieved to you.

I am not saying you shouldn’t be cautious with people, what I am saying is to keep your heart in the best condition possible, both mentally and emotionally. You want to know that what comes out of your spirit is warm, gentle, caring, full of love and mercy. I’d say to people occasionally, that if there were no houses, cars, money, and so on, in the world, and there were just people, one thing is certain, there could be communication, we would have to speak with each other.

I’ve found that materialism many times causes one to differentiate themselves from others. Because I might not have what they have, they tend to treat you as if you were of another species. But despite all that, looking past the smoke screen, one whose heart is in the right place will still try to make contact to cultivate a relationship.

I’ve found that when there are no restrictions in communicating with all men, no matter what colour, creed, or race they may be, you end up happier, more friendly, and in essence, more useful. So my question,” should you talk to strangers?’

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